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Chris Sparno

Chief Information Officer

Chris is an accomplished information technology leader with experience in many aspects of IT operations, support and management. With a career that spans nearly 3 decades in a variety of technical and executive management roles, Chris has worked at companies such as Apple and Kinko’s, boutique software developers, startups and systems integrators, commercial real estate firms such as Gemini Rosemont Commercial Realty as well as, most recently, IT at the State of New Mexico.

As a leader and team builder with practical knowledge in the design and implementation of technology solutions that meet business objectives and customer needs, Chris is skilled in a variety of specific IT disciplines such as software implementation, data management and cyber security, risk mitigation, and compliance. Chris brings strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, systems deployment, and support management skills to his role as CIO of OFRA along with a profound desire to work with and for New Mexico’s families.

Chris Sparno, Chief Information Officer