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Representative Gail Chasey, JD

NM House of Representatives, District 18

Gail is a retired Educator, and has served in the NM House of Representatives since her election in 1996. She was inspired to run for office after working closely with parents statewide in 1985 in their successful effort to secure public education services for children with developmental delays, ages 3-5. Representative Chasey is currently the longest serving member of the NM House.

Gail graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2008, which she attended while continuing to serve in the Legislature. Upon graduation, Representative Chasey began a second career as an attorney. For many years, she served as a court-appointed attorney, dedicating her practice to abuse and neglect cases, representing children who were in state custody, or adults working to be reunited with their children. In addition to advocating for improvement in the child protective services system, Representative Chasey is dedicated to criminal justice reform and to addressing the underlying causes of crime.

Representative Chasey chaired the House Judiciary Committee for 8 years, and is now the Majority Floor Leader for the 56th Legislature, 2023-2024.

Gail has two sons, one step-son, three step-daughters, seven grandchildren, two big dogs and one elderly cat. Her husband is former Attorney General David Norvell.

Representative Gail Chasey, JD, NM House, District 18