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Leslie Jones, JD, CWLS

Legal Services Division Director

Leslie Jones began serving as a Guardian ad Litem for children in 1994 and has continued to serve as counsel in child and family welfare cases for children, youth, parents, guardians, eligible adults, and adoptive parents ever since. In addition to her practice, she has served on a wide range of work groups, commissions, committees, and task forces with the goal of improving the quality of representation and outcomes for families impacted by the child welfare system. After serving as a Lead Attorney for the New Mexico Family Advocacy Program for the past five years, Leslie is excited about the opportunity to continue the work towards implementing an interdisciplinary model of representation for children and families that embodies best practices state wide.

Leslie has a BA in Literature from Scripps Women’s College and a JD from UNM School of Law. A strong desire for justice and an impulse towards championing the underdog brought her to this work, and has also contributed to her bringing home dogs considered lost causes and making them members of her family. In her spare time she walks her dog in the bosque, takes pictures of birds, enjoys cooking and trying out recipes from the Near, Middle, and Far East, and dances Argentine Tango.

Leslie Jones, circa 1968